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Developmental Milestones

Birth to 3 Months

  • I begin to smile & track people & objects with my eyes

  • I prefer to look at faces & bright colors

  • I reach, and discover my hands and feet

  • I can lift my head and turn toward sound

  • I cry, but will feel better when you hold and comfort me

4 to 6 Months

  • I smile often. I'll even laugh, gurgle & imitate sounds.

  • I learn about my body, exploring my hands & feet. I think they are a part of me!

  • I can sit up when you prop me

  • I like to roll over, scoot & bounce. 

  • I can grasp things without using my thumb, & like to put things in my mouth. 

7 to 12 Months

  • I remember simple events and familiar voices and identify myself in the mirror

  • I understand my name & other words you use a lot

  • I can say my first words

  • I like to explore, & bang & shake objects

  • I can find hidden toys & put things in containers. 

  • I can sit up all by myself

  • I creep & can pull myself up to stand & walk

1 to 2 Years

  • I like to imitate what adults are doing & help you with tasks.

  • I can talk now & understand words & ideas.

  • I like stories & experimenting with things.

  • I can walk, climb stairs & run.

  • I show you my independence, but am more comfortable with people I know. 

  • I recognize that toys & stuff are mine. 

  • I'm proud of the things I can do & can solve simple problems.

  • I have some friends & am starting to play make believe. 

2 to 3 1/2 Years

  • I like to learn new things.

  • I can learn new words really fast now.

  • I always like to be on the go.

  • I have better control of my hands and fingers.

  • I get frustrated easily.

  • I act more independent, but I still depend on you.

  • I like to act out familiar scenes when I play.

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